Nascent: just beginning, budding, developing, growing, embryonic, incipient, young, fledgling, evolving, emergent, dawning, burgeoning.

This is the perfect word for me this past year. Yesterday’s run made me realize more than ever how far I’ve grown, developed, evolved, etc… etc… Not only physically, but as a human being overall.

Sunday morning I was wondering… curious about how far I could run now. I’ve traveled some miles this past year (the most being 21 miles in one day), but typically the long hauls have been more of a run/hike/trek/run/climb/break type of day. There’s a five mile loop I like to run up on Cougar Mountain near my home. The last few times I ran it I realized I felt good afterwards. REALLY good. Then I asked myself why I didn’t try for more? A half marathon is coming up that I’m interested in… could I handle continuous running for 13.1 miles so soon after diving in to this whole trail running thing?

So I reviewed my map and gave myself some options… I really dislike running the same course twice in the same trip, so I found some loops that I could run that would either keep me at 5 miles, extend to 7 miles, or even shoot for 10 miles if I was feeling up to it. By mile 7 I was grinning like a kid in a  candy store, passing people on the trail and only slowing long enough to check the signs at trail crossings and snap a few photos:


Who wouldn’t just keep running and smiling with these trails ahead of them?

Trail running is my therapy. It has helped me through so many challenging aspects of my life, helping me focus, reflect, learn, grow, and strengthen not only my body but my mind and soul. Every run is an adventure with a story and a lesson learned. With every run I feel like I can accomplish more in life, and I become more excited for this life that I have.

I can’t wait to discover what trail is next, where it will take me, and the adventure to be had along the way!

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