A Little About Me

I was raised in the mountains with no running water, and didn’t have electricity until I was 9 years old. That in itself is quite a story, but for now, I’ll just leave it at the experience made me very appreciative for what I have now. I have a passionate love and respect for the wilderness and this earth, including all that inhabit it.

I guess that’s what made transitioning to van life full time such an easy decision for me. I’ve worked remote for years anyways… does it really matter where I’m at? Thanks to technology I work a full time job during the week, and explore my surroundings on the weekends or “after hours”. I have 72 square feet of the most comfortable living space I’ve ever had. My back yard is pretty amazing also.

Picturesque mountainous views, trail running along ridges, expressive music, and beautiful creatures are some of the things that make my heart skip a beat. I’m also a sucker for nourishing food, craft beer and wine.

I’ve found myself spending my spare time being infatuated with life, exploring opportunities, and pushing myself to succeed at challenges that are both physical and mental.

Sorry boys, I already have a Beau, who is the love of my life, best friend, and endless adventure buddy. He’s a mid-sized rescue mutt and loves the trails even more than I do. You can meet him on IG @snowbeaustraverse.

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