Sierra’s Traverse


When I started van life I had aspirations of doing much more writing than I have been. I also thought it would be fun to document all of my travels on video and share them with my friends and family and even strangers who are just curious about the lifestyle. I discovered very quickly that … Continue reading Hiatus

The Vanlife Sixain

Six things van life has taught me in six months. In just a few days it’s been six months since I handed over the keys to my apartment, got into my van, and drove to a friends property for a farewell sendoff before I ventured out on my own into the unknown. That feels like … Continue reading The Vanlife Sixain


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About Me

Hi, I’m Sierra, and I live full time in my van with my dog, Snow. We love trail running, exploring new places, and watching sunsets as often as possible! Follow along on our adventures for fun stories, tips on van life, solo travel, outdoor safety, and dog training. Questions? Please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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